Our Team


Peters Construction Corporation operates as a general contractor, providing a comprehensive range of services. We take our customer’s ideas and turn them into reality, through understanding and unequaled commitment. Our guiding principles throughout the process are skill, integrity, and responsibility.


Peters Construction Corporation has been providing unequaled dedication and commitment to its clients since 1951. The Peters management team has the unique ability to oversee the complete construction process from the conceptual stages of design through the construction process, resulting in a product in which the client’s vision has become a reality. At Peters, creating a partnership with each client is essential. Answering needs with action is a Peters tradition. Peters continued growth over the years is a result of its employees’ commitment to excellence.


Our Employees: Our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a safe, productive work environment that affords our employees the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Our Customer: We are dedicated to providing owner satisfaction through communication, team-work and quality. We believe in partnering all projects and developing lasting relationships with each customer.

Our Business Philosophy: We have embraced the total quality management philosophy based on employee involvement, continuous improvement, and exceeding the customers’ expectations. Professionalism and integrity provide the foundation for our ongoing success.

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