While we are always excited to get started with the actual BUILDING process, the success of any construction project starts with Planning.

Whether you want Peters Construction to lead your Design Team or already have the Design Team selected, we work with the right partners to help you understand and identify the best options for BUILDING your new space or helping you turn an existing space what you want it to be. We have long standing relationships with architects, engineers, and experts in a wide variety of trades to help that process.

We create accurate budgets and realistic timelines so you can use your resources well and know what to expect from the construction process and to help you make the best decisions on how to use your resources before construction even starts.

Along the way, we leverage our long history in the industry to identify alternatives to help you prioritize your needs with the financial and time constraints you have.


Once the Plan is in place, our Project Management team excels at managing the details of the project.

Coordinating the construction and design teams, managing the schedule, ensuring quality and compliance, tracking costs, and solving problems as they come up are all essential to ensuring the Plan can become a Reality.

Our Project Management team prioritizes transparency and communication to help ensure every aspect of the project keeps progressing.


This is where we actually get to BUILD!

Turning the Plan into Reality requires a wide range of skills. The Peters team of craftsman that can self-perform a wide variety of tasks are a key to our ability to meet our client’s needs. Not only can they perform with a high level of quality, the ability to self-perform allows Peters Construction to have more control over the cost and the schedule on our projects. Our team can do everything from Demolition to Carpentry to Steelwork to Concrete to Earthwork and a lot more in between.

In addition to our Peters team performing work on our projects, we have long standing relationships with the best trade contractors in the area. We constantly evaluate who the best partner is for each trade on the project in order to achieve the best value for our clients. At times our trade partners provide the best value and quality for a project and at times the Peters team is the best fit. We prioritize making sure whoever does the work, our clients get the best value.


It’s all about the final details. Finishing well is a priority of our team.

Happy clients